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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dozee?

Dozee is a non-wearable health monitor that silently tracks your heart, respiration and sleep patterns while you sleep. Dozee app gives you detailed insights that helps you sleep better and stay on top of your health. Start now for a healthy tomorrow!

Can I use the app without the device?

Yes and no. You will need the device for recording your sleep. App gives you the daily sleep analysis and long term trend analysis using the data from the device. However, app is not needed to actively use the device for recording.

Is it compatible with all phones?

Dozee app currently works effortlessly on iPhone 5 and later (iOS 9 and later), as well as all Android 5+ phones. At the moment, it does not work with iPad and Android tablets, but we are working on it.

Sounds good, can I buy one?

We are currently in Beta phase and are perfecting our user experience, from device to app. We would love if you could register on and we will get back to you about when you can get a Dozee.

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*Works on iPhone 5 and later (iOS 9 and later), as well as all Android 5+ phones.