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Dozee – Convinient & Economical Health Tracking

Dozee is a contact-free health monitor that provides medical-grade insights on heartbeat, respiration, HRV (stress), sleep and more. It goes below the mattress and is the most non-invasive experience your customers will have.

Dozee Dashboard 

Care for customers on one screen

Converge health insights from all your customers on a single screen and monitor your customers with customisable alerts and health reports.

Dozee Connect

De-stress with expert-driven meditation

Dozee, in collaboration with Aayu and Total Yoga, provides the most powerful, de-stressing courses by combining meditation and real-time health monitoring with quantifiable results.

Dozee Care

Advance healthcare with SpO2 integration

Provide continuous care for your patients with Dozee+. Not only does it come with a Dozee and Dashboard, but it also integrates SpO2 for the monitoring of Oxygen Saturation levels continuously.

Dozee HRV

Measure Heart Rate Variability economically & with ease

The Dozee HRV tool allows you to perform hassle-free medical research, overnight-recovery-monitoring and all applications of Heart Rate Variability wirelessly and effortlessly.

Dozee API

Integrate Dozee with your offerings

Integrate Dozee into your products and services with plug and play APIs. Enhance the capabilities of your product or services with Dozee’s powerful health data tracking.