Sleep Apnea if undiagnosed can drastically impact your health, social life and overall productivity at work.

Do you feel light-headed in the morning and drive tired into work every day?

If you’re going through your day at work wishing you were back at home taking a nap, read on. Because what you don’t know can hurt you.

Roughly 13% of Indians are under threat of Sleep Apnea – a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Surprisingly women are diagnosed a lot more than men, even though sleep apnea is more common in men. This means men are either unaware of having this disorder or choose to ignore the symptoms.

Sleep apnea has adverse health, social and economic consequences.

  1. Health consequences: Sleep apnea is a fairly provocative thing from a cardiovascular perspective as it’s a perfect storm of stress. Having sleep apnea predisposes you to gain weight, either through eating more or exercising less, or a combination of both. So the less you sleep, the more you eat. Now getting fat is tedious and annoying, but there are worse things about sleep deprivation caused by sleep apnea than just gaining weight e.g falling asleep unintentionally during the day, particularly while driving.
  2. Social consequences: A study from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley has added loneliness to the list of consequences of sleep deprivation. This is because sleep-deprived people show similar symptoms as people with social anxiety. Studies show that well-rested people found sleep-deprived people less socially desirable and themselves felt lonelier after observing them long enough.

  3. Loss of economic productivity: Are you regularly not performing at your top capacity at work because of a lack of sleep? Some studies illustrate how sleep apnea slowly affects our mood, energy, ability to pick on social cues, risk-taking behavior, enthusiasm, concentration, etc. So if you’re fighting that sweet embrace of sleep in every single meeting at work, struggling to keep up, maybe it’s not your boring manager!

We hope this article helps you understand just how seriously undiagnosed sleep apnea can impact your life. Don’t let a severe lack of sleep ruin your health, your work, your friendships, and your relationships.

Enough with all the heavy stuff. Here’s a video with a comic take on Sleep apnea.