Soft morning sun streaming through the window, birds singing ushering in a new day, and the gentle rustle of leaves; the beauty of life lies in simple, little things that welcome us each day. As we wake up to a new today every morning, let’s embrace it with a simple 5-step routine that will recharge our body and mind! Simply allocate 30 minutes each morning for a great day, every day!

Step 1

Start your day with meditation:  Having just ten minutes of silence each morning allows our subconscious mind to work behind the scenes, and approach each day with a clear focus. The endorphins released by meditation boost your energy, which ensures you remain awake and alert all through the day. Taking out as little as 5 minutes to meditate can make a big difference to your day! One of the simplest ways to engage in mindfulness meditation is to focus on ones breathing and concentrate on the present moment. Morning meditation will not change our long to-do list and the never-ending demands on our time. But what will change is how to manage the stress and tensions of the day!

Step 2

Greet the morning on a sweet note: A glass of warm water with a dollop of honey acts as a wonder drug that makes you feel fresh and free from toxins! Swap your morning coffee with green tea to help you kickstart your day. The antioxidants and vitamins in the green tea provide a much-needed boost to your immune system.

Step 3 

Get going: Starting your day with some form of physical exercise helps improve mental function and reduces the risk of chronic disease. Your morning exercise routine can be as simple as taking a brisk walk in the nearby park; savouring the sights and sounds of nature. Besides helping you to lose weight, walking induces increased blood flow and muscle flexibility. Start off a walk at a relaxed pace to give your muscles time to warm up, and then pick up the speed.

Step 4

Never skip your breakfast: Breakfast is often one of the things that get de-prioritized as we gear up for a new day. Starting your morning without breaking the fast can take a serious toll on health and overall productivity. Make the most important meal of the day the easiest meal of the day with easy 5-minute breakfast recipes. Breakfast helps to restore our glucose levels; an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function. Eating a healthy breakfast makes us happier helping us to improve mood, and lower stress.

Step 5

Believe in the power of positive affirmations: There are a number of studies based around the idea that we can maintain our sense of self-integrity, boost our self-confidence and improve our response to stressful situations; by telling ourselves, or positively ‘affirming’ that we can do. When we verbally affirm our dreams, we empower ourselves with a deep sense of assurance that our wishes will come true. So, before you head off to work don’t forget to say these power lines to yourself: “I am the best and I’ll do my best.”

We often complain about being stressed and overwhelmed and feel life is going out of our control. Much of the stress we experience during the day can be avoided by simply starting your day on the right note and with the right morning routine, positive thoughts and a great deal of exuberance! Remember, starting a good day begins with a restful sleep. To get some handy tips on how to get a restful sleep, visit