No matter how much you overlook ‘that deep feeling of dread’ it will catch up with you. But there’s a way out. 

When I was 23, I was going through a phase. Well, to be honest, perhaps everyone who begins earning some decent money goes through ‘that phase’. I had just started living independently so I soaked in my freedom through working too much, partying almost every night, drinking as if my life depended on it, smoking excessively, eating unhealthy crap…you name the vice and I had it. And the worst part? I relished it. 

Also, besides going to work at the same time every day, I heeded zero routines, barely ate, and sometimes just went days on chips only. No, I was not broke but eating seemed like a trivial task when compared to all the fun stuff I was doing and experiencing my dream of living a super interesting and fast-paced life. 

The Shift Happened Suddenly 

After continuing like an adrenaline-pumped rabbit for more than a few years, I lost it. I mean, I seriously lost it. I fell sick suddenly and was on medication for a while. Once my health improved I was stricken with severe anxiety and panic attacks which would somehow creep in only after 5 pm ( evening anxiety is a real thing, google it). My anxiety was so bad that I was unable to sleep or socialize and I would only step out of the apartment if it were unquestionably necessary. So, every day I would hurry back home after work and lock myself in my apartment and just do nothing. I would lay in bed and imagine the gravest possible scenarios in my mind, e.g.: my parents dying, my dog getting killed, me getting fired….it was an endless loop of terror in my mind, and I couldn’t stop it. 

This continued for a while and then I stumbled upon the book ‘Autobiography of A Yogi’ by Paramahansa Yogananda and my life altered. To cut a long story short, I began meditating daily, discovered Yoga Nidra, and never looked back. Within 6 months, my anxiety was gone and so were my vices. I began exercising regularly, eating healthier ( eventually I turned vegetarian) and my life changed for the better. 

Yoga Nidra = Yogic Sleep 

Heres what you need to know: Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is generally acknowledged, is an immensely powerful meditation method, and one of the simplest yoga practices to learn and maintain. While the practitioner rests pleasantly in savasana (corpse pose), this precise meditation guides you through the Pancha Maya Kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of peace, balance, and wholeness. 

Simple But So Powerful 

I have been practicing Yoga Nidra for many years now and the effect it has had on my mind and body is unimaginable. I am more relaxed, stable and my anxiety does not bother me as often. Don’t be fooled, it does surface pretty strongly sometimes especially during this lockdown period. But Yoga Nidra is a very powerful medium and I use it every day to stay on top of this sudden change of pace which we are all experiencing. Because of my daily practice of 20 min, I sleep soundly which invariably means that my work productivity the next day is powerful as well. 

And yes, one important lesson Yoga Nidra teaches is the art of surrender which is useful during these trying times. It’s better to surrender than to fight what we can’t control, isn’t it? 

As For You 

You are at home and probably anxious and bored. You don’t know what the future will bring and stay up late worrying, tossing, and turning. But there is something in your control like meditation in the form of Yoga Nidra. You can practice Yoga Nidra on the Dozee app. Give it a shot, it can be life-altering and your body and mind will be grateful. 


Neha Ghosh

About the author: Neha Ghosh is a health and wellness author and blogger, yoga trainer, certified diet and nutrition therapist, and a hobbyist cookbook writer. During these days she maintains her sanity by meditating, eating vegan, avoiding the news, and watching dog videos on loop. You can check out her blog at