Summary: Manish Pole combines multiple meditation techniques to create a wonderful offering, with the goal to help us identify our most important resolution for the coming year.

What Is Sankalp 2020?

The word Sankalp means resolve or resolution. Sankalp 2020 is a unique offering by Yogi Manish Pole that brings together multiple meditation techniques to help you envision your best experience of 2020. The focus of this session is to bring your internal focus on your life energy. When life energy or Prana is raised, all aspects of your life will improve dramatically, including career, relationships, and well-being. This session will help you identify and solidify your Sankalp while bringing down any self-limiting beliefs that you may be holding within you.

Meditation Techniques Used

Sankalp 2020 uses powerful breathing techniques to eliminate the clutter in our minds, increase focus and visualize growth. Breathing supplies our organs with oxygen, purifies the bloodstream, removes waste products and toxins from the body. Breathing also affects our state of mind as oxygen is essential for the integrity of the brain, nerves, glands and internal organs. Deep and long breathing is the secret of vitality and rejuvenation.

The prominent breathing techniques used in Sankalp 2020, are:

  • Bhastrika Pranayam: Bhastrika is an energetic yogic breathing technique, invented by ancient yogis to provide sufficient oxygen to every cell of our body and mind. Great for brain oxygenation, it benefits the nervous and motor system, energizing the body and mind.
  • Kumbhaka Pranayam: Kumbha in Sanskrit means pot: the body is a container for holding breath with the throat as the opening. Kumbhaka Pranayam clears your thoughts, develops concentration, and activates prana or vital energy.

Why Sankalp 2020?

If you are looking forward to a year of tremendous growth in your personal and professional lives, Sankalpa 2020 will help you find your one most important resolution. The session will further help you shed any limiting beliefs you may have that are holding you back. The calm, soothing voice of Manish will show you a way to discover who you were always meant to be, and fall in love with yourself.