Why Yoga Nidra? Modern Living has become TOTAL TENSION!

Medical Science has been able to cure us of plagues and viral epidemics. But it has no easy answer to our inexhaustible list of psychosomatic disorders. Psychosomatic disorders are caused by mental factors such as internal conflict or stress. Most parts of the world today may be violence-free, yet we are never really relaxed! That’s the reason Yoga Nidra has become so vital.

Tension dominates our thinking. Financial insecurities, familial and societal pressures, work stress are eating away at our well-being. In today’s world, the price we pay for comfort is stress. The rate at which lifestyle disorders have become common is alarming! Diabetes, hypertension, migraine, asthma, ulcers, digestive & skin disorders are some of the diseases brought upon by tension.

Understanding tension

Tension is classified into three types: muscular, emotional & mental.

  1. Muscular tension affects our body, endocrine (chemical messenger system) and nervous systems. It can be taken care of through yoga & meditation, like the kind of deep relaxation we get from Yoga Nidra.
  2. Emotional tension arises from the duality of life: love/hate, success/failure and so on. This is because we don’t express our emotions freely. We often refuse to acknowledge them or we suppress them.
  3. Mental tension arises from excessive mental activity. Our mind is a whirlpool of fantasies and is constantly fluctuating.

Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote for tension

As we’ve seen, tension affects our whole mind and body. Yoga Nidra focuses on relaxation and release of tension. A relaxed mind is the secret of transformation!

When we are tense, we are solely operating with our intellectual/conscious mind. When we relax, we revert to being natural and get access to the power of our subconscious and unconscious mind, making it possible to transform the nature of our behavior, cure diseases and restore creativity.

Unlocking access to our whole mind through Yoga Nidra is vital for us to understand who we are and this allows us to dive into the depths of our being. Without this we often feel weak, insecure and insignificant.

Once this connection is made between our inner (subconscious & unconscious) and our outer (conscious) experience, all tension falls away. This deep sense of relaxation and the knowledge of who we truly are is the biggest gift that the practice of Yoga Nidra gives us.

About the author: Manish Pole has taught Yoga for 15 years. In 2010, Manish co-founded Total Yoga in Pune and later spread to Singapore, Bangalore, California, Dubai, Derby and Auckland. He lived and trained with Himalayan Yoga Master Bharat Thakur from 2003-2010, eventually working as the CEO of Artistic Yoga. During this time, he taught Yoga to some of India’s most famous entertainers, business leaders and politicians including Anoushka Shankar, Vinod Khanna and Sunil Bharti Mittal.

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