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Dozee with phone app and desktop dashboard

Introducing Dozee, the most convenient and
cost-effective way of monitoring health parameters

Dozee, a contact-free health monitor provides medical grade insights on heartbeat, respiration, HRV, sleep and more. It goes below the mattress and users won't even feel it is there.

Dozee Dashboard: Insights across all your users, converged on one screen

With Dozee dashboard, monitor all your users on a single screen, put custom alerts and generate health reports.

Dozee hosts yoga and wellness sessions

Dozee Connect: Introduce meditation of the future to your organization with expert-driven sessions

Dozee, in collaboration with Aayu, provides the most powerful meditation sessions to reduce stress and improve well-being, inside your organization/centre. We combine meditation with real-time health monitoring to provide quantified results of sessions.

Dozee+: Enable continuous patient care in hospitals with our SpO2 integrated product

Dozee+, our product for hospitals comes packed with not just the convenience of Dozee and Dashboard, but also with an additional feature to integrate SpO2 to continuously monitor Oxygen Saturation levels.

Dozee HRV: Deploy the simplest, most economical solution for measuring Heart Rate Variability

Dozee HRV tool is designed to perform stress calculations using Heart Rate Variability with medical accuracy. Medical research, overnight recovery monitoring and all other applications of HRV can now be made wire-free, hassle-free.

Dozee API: With easy to plug APIs, you can now integrate Dozee into your products and services

You can now enhance the proposition of your product / service by integrating Dozee’s powerful health data. Whether you’re looking to create the next-gen home automation solution or remote health services for patients, Dozee is the answer for you!

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