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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dozee?

Dozee is a contactless health tracker that monitors and analyses your health data while you sleep. The device tracks your body vitals during your sleep and the app gives you insights into your daily, weekly and monthly trends in your sleep quality and health patterns.

How does it work?

Dozee records micro-vibrations produced by our bodies from heartbeats, breathing, movements, snoring and muscle twitches. These vibrations are then processed by our highly curated and extensively tested algorithms and converted into meaningful health markers which you can see on the app.

What are the health markers used by Dozee to monitor my health?

Dozee currently uses sleep patterns, resting heart rate, resting respiration rate, heart rate variability, body movements and snoring instances to monitor your health. We are always working on improving our algorithms as well as on adding new parameters to personalize data analysis and delivery and put you on top of your health.

Our algorithms don’t just take a single point approach to your data but build complex models from your historical data as well as qualitative inputs from your side.

How accurate is the data shown in the app?

We take the accuracy of our algorithms and data delivery very seriously, literally. Our hardware and software is a result of almost 3 years of research and development efforts with support from the Government of India, IKP, Qualcomm, NIMHANS Bangalore and TU Delft. Our algorithms have been developed in collaboration with medical experts and scientists at leading research institutes. Over the course of time we have also won several accolades and published our work in top international conferences.

What is Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI)?

AHI is our proprietary algorithm that works based on your personalized healthy range and continuously monitors your vitals. It then analyzes and compares your data to healthy baselines to quantify health deterioration. Our proprietary algorithms convert muscular, respiratory and cardiac movements into useful biomarkers to monitor heart, respiration, stress levels, restlessness, and sleep.

What mode of communication does Dozee use?

Dozee used WiFi and bluetooth to communicate data.

How do I setup a new device with my account?

To pair a new device with your account, go to My Dozee. If you do not have any device currently paired with your account, you will see the options to pair a new device. (If there is already a device paired with your account and you wish to remove it, simply click on Unpair Device.) Once you click on it, the app scans for Dozee devices around you – make sure your Dozee is powered up and your phone’s Bluetooth is on. Select your Dozee from the list. Your device name is written on the bottom of the device as well as on the back of the box you received your Dozee in. Click on Continue.

Where should I place my sensor sheet?

The sensor sheet needs to be placed on a hard surface under the mattress. The sensor sheet works best when kept under the chest. See the illustration below for a quick reference.


How can I change my WiFi network/password?

Go to the navigation drawer and click on My Dozee, you will see the following screen

Click on WiFi Settings. Your Device will scan and list all the nearby WiFi network

Choose your WiFi network and enter the password to connect. That’s it, you are done. Please note that currently Dozee only works with 2.4G networks, we are working on the next version with 5G compatibility as well.


Note: Please make sure that your device is powered on, Bluetooth on your phone is on and you are near your device!

What is recording mode? How do I change it?

Dozee is designed to work in two modes – Automatic Recording and Manual Recording.

In Automatic Recording, the device automatically starts the recording when the bed is occupied and stops the recording when it detects that the bed is unoccupied. This is how we intended Dozee to be used – smart and seamless. If you wish to control the starting and ending of the recording, you can choose Manual Recording. To change the recording mode, go to My Dozee from the navigation drawer. Once your app is connected to the device, it will show you the option to change the recording mode. Please make sure that your device is powered on, Bluetooth on your phone is on and you are near your device!

How do I remove a Dozee from my account?

To remove a Dozee from your account, go to My Dozee. You will find the Unpair Dozee option there. Tap on it and your Dozee will be removed from your account.

I got a notification to update my device firmware, how do I do that?

We keep improving the performance of your Dozee continually, and this might require you to update the device firmware. To update the firmware, select My Dozee option from the navigation drawer. The app will try to find and connect to your Dozee — make sure your Dozee is powered up, your phone’s Bluetooth is on and you are near your device. Once the app is connected to the device, it will enable the option to update your firmware on the bottom of the screen. Click on it to continue.

This will start the firmware update process and it usually takes about 2 minutes to complete. Once it is done, you can go back and exit My Dozee.

How do I check if my Dozee is working fine? / How do I run device diagnostics?

To check the health of your Dozee device, go to My Dozee and tap Run Diagnostics when your smartphone is close to the device. For further queries, please contact our support expert via chat or phone call.

I think my Dozee device is not working, what should I do?

You should contact our support expert via chat or phone call. They will guide you to find and fix the issue.

What are the different vitals data that are shown on the App?

On the Dozee App, users can track their sleep analytics, heart rate, respiration and stress level. Sleep analytics includes duration of different stages of sleep (Light, Deep and REM), time taken to fall asleep, number of snoring instances  and restlessness.

How is Sleep Score calculated?

Sleep Score is the measure of the quality of sleep, out of a total of 100 points. It takes into account parameters like sleep hygiene, sleep quality, body vitals and restfulness.

You can read more about this on our blog.

How is stress calculated?

Stress is calculated using a formulation on Heart Rate Variability. Heart Rate Variability is an indicator of stress (mental, physical, hormonal, digestive, environmental) experienced by the body’s autonomic nervous system. Dozee measures this stress on a scale of None, Low, Moderate and High.

How does smart alarm work?

During our sleep we go through cycles of deep sleep, light sleep and REM sleep. Scientifically, it has been observed that our bodies are best prepared to wake up while in light sleep or REM sleep. Dozee’s smart alarm does exactly that! You specify a target time for alarm and give a margin around it. Our algorithms find the best time to wake you up in that range so that you feel refreshed upon waking up.

To setup the smart alarm, go to the My Sleep option in the navigation drawer and select Smart Alarm. You can then change the settings for your Smart Alarm.

What can I chat about with Dozee sleep experts?

You could discuss your Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports and get customised feedback, put out specific queries which you would want the sleep experts to answer.

What is the minimum sleep duration for which Dozee will analyze my sleep?

Dozee requires the user to sleep for a minimum of 1 hour to analyze.

When will I get my weekly report?

Your Weekly Report is prepared and delivered every Sunday which you can view on your app. You would receive an email notification for the same. However, we would require at least one night of sleep in the entire week before Sunday to give you a Weekly Report.

When will I get my monthly report?

You would receive your Monthly Report at the end of four weeks of using Dozee. The monthly report is comprehensive and would contain feedback and action items for you to improve your score until the next report.

What is the minimum sleep duration for which Dozee will analyze my sleep?

Dozee requires the user to sleep for a minimum of 1 hour to analyze.

Will Dozee work if my internet is down?

Absolutely. Dozee is designed to operate without the internet. Internet, however, is required to sync your data to our servers before you can see it on the app.

Can I share my data with my friends, friendly or my doctor?

Yes you can share your Profile with your friends, family and doctor from the Manage Profiles section by adding a Caretaker via email id. Your Caretaker needs to download the app with the same email id to view your Profile. You can have multiple caretakers who can view your Profile

What is Deep Sleep?

Deep sleep also known as the slow wave sleep is responsible for muscle relaxation and a slower breathing rate which leads to tissue growth and repair. It is also important for hormonal balance restoration. Deep sleep is usually prominent in the first half of the sleep.

What is REM Sleep?

REM (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep) is unique phase of sleep distinguished by rapid movement of the eye balls, accompanied by relaxed muscles throughout the body, and the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly. REM sleep helps in memory consolidation.

What is Light Sleep?

Light sleep is an intermediate or transient stage between Deep and REM stages of sleep . It accounts for almost half the sleep time. In this stage the sleeper has minimum inertia to wake-up hence it is called light sleep. Light sleep also accounts for growth, tissue repair and memory consolidation but effects are not as intensified as Deep Sleep.

How do I change my password?

If you are already logged in, go to My Account from the bottom panel on your home screen and choose Reset Password option.

In case you have forgotten your current password and would like to reset it, simply logout if you are logged in, and choose Forgot Password from the login screen. We will send you a password reset link on your registered email.

How do I change my profile settings?

Go to the navigation drawer and click on the top panel where your user-name is visible. You can also use the My Account option available on the bottom of your home screen.

How do I change my sleep goal?

Go to the navigation drawer and tap on My Sleep. Select Sleep Goal, bottom of the form you’ll see set bedtime and sleep duration. Set your desired goal and hit SAVE to freeze the changes.

App is not showing my device, what do I do? [404]

Make sure your device is powered up and your phone’s Bluetooth is on. In certain smartphones, location access may be required for the app to function properly. If this problem still persists, get in touch with us over the chat within the app or call us at:+91-888-4436933.

I don’t think my device is functioning properly, how do I check?

You should contact our support expert via chat or phone call. They will guide you to find and fix the issue.

Why is location mandatory for me to use Dozee app?

Certain applications need to have access to location while using the Bluetooth feature. The Dozee app does not  track or use your location in any manner. For more information kindly review our Privacy Policy.

Why is Dozee app asking me to switch my Bluetooth on?

Dozee app communicates with the device using Bluetooth. This includes setting up a new device, changing WiFi settings and running diagnostics among others.

How does Dozee use my personal data? Is it safe?

Your personally identifiable information (PII), or sensitive personal information (SPI) is encrypted and stored on secured servers.

Age and sex information is used to determine ideal bio-markers to provide more accurate analytics. Desired sleep time and sleep goal time are used to check adherence to sleep goals. Contact information – Name, mobile number and email are used for communication.

None of the data we store is shared with a third party. So, be rest assured it’s completely safe.

Dozee is live/wall-socket powered is it safe to be put under the bed?

Absolutely. Although Dozee is wall-socket powered, we convert it into a low voltage using a high quality 5V|2A DC adapter similar to smartphone chargers.

Dozee records snoring, does dozee also record my conversations?

Dozee records snoring using vibrations (“Ballistography”). We don’t record or reconstruct signals to sound. So, be rest assured Dozee is watching over your health but is not recording your conversations.

Does Dozee emit any radiations?

Dozee uses mechanical vibration as primary data meaning it doesn’t rely on emmitive technologies like radar. Moreover Dozee’s sensor unit that goes under the mattress is covered with a special EMI shielding fabric that blocks all EM radiation.

Dozee side-table unit uses BLE and WiFi 802.11 technology to communicate with the app and servers. Dozee uses only FCC and CE approved communication components following American and European standards.

Will a doctor accept data in my Dozee app for my treatment?

Dozee is not a medical device. It is not designed or intended for use in diagnosis, mitigation, prevention or cure of any disorder or illness. By signing up and using Dozee you agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Can Dozee identify any disease?

The assessment report or data provided by Dozee is not a medical diagnosis. If you require medical advice the best approach is always to consult your doctor or other health care professional first. Our assessments are developed for informative purposes in order to help people better understand their health, track lifestyle changes and its impact on health. It is not designed or intended for use in diagnosis or cure of any disorder or illness. Please visit for Terms and Conditions.

Can I use Dozee to monitor my sleep apnea?

The assessment report or data provided by Dozee is not a medical diagnosis. However, the Sleep Apnea report generated by Dozee is a screening report to identify severity of sleep apnea in a user. Users screened with Apnea/Hyopnea Index in the ‘Moderate’ and ‘Severe’ ranges are recommended to visit a pulmonologist and seek professional help.

I did not find my question here, what do I do?

If your question wasn’t answered here, you can always get in touch with us over the chat inside the app, or you can email us at and we will be more than eager to assist you