Future of Vitals

Contactless, vitals monitoring systems for chronic disorder management, geriatric care and critical patient monitoring remotely @home or @hospitals

Made in India

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Advanced Health Intelligence Saving Lives

  • 45+ Organizations

  • 14000+ COVID-19 Patients Monitored

  • 21000+ Nursing Hours Saved

Remote patient monitoring empowering HCPs

To provide continuum of care where your patients are

Care at Home

  • High Risk Patients, Elders

  • Home isolation of COVID-19 patients

  • Post-ops critical patients

Remotely monitored patients engage with healthcare ~24 times a month, generating huge data

Ward Monitoring

  • In hospitals

  • Hotels, stadiums converted Into CCCs

Continuous monitoring results in
~86% reduction in code-blue events

Plug and play solution to keep a 360° check on health on a regular basis

(Only In SPO2 Edition)

Report (On demand)

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Science Behind Dozee



The science of collecting & analysing micro-vibrations

These vibrations are too noisy to make any sense of.

These vibrations are produced with every heart beat, inhalations, exhalation, muscle twitches, snoring, and body movements

DEEP That’s where Dozee’s proprietary advanced AI algorithms step in to make it one of the most precise tool. Literally helping it to find needle in the haystack!

Placed under the mattress, Dozee even captures feeble vibrations like opening and closing of Mitral and Aortic valves inside the heart

How Dozee works ?

01. Place sensor sheet under the mattress, connect to SPO2, 

02. Connect to internet

03. Monitor remotely using dashboard & mobile phone app

Portable solution

20x cheaper than products used in ICU

No maintenance

No consumables

No prior technical expertise required

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What our doctors say

We are providing holistic solutions to the residents of Kolkata through our 360 degree offering of hospital, home and hotel quarantine. Dozee has helped us reduce the risk of our doctors and nurses considerably and also continuously monitor the health of patients so as to tap any alarming emergencies.

Mr. Debashis Dhar, Group VP, ILS Hospital

Dozee is helping us continuously monitor Covid 19 patients in the hospital. This has been instrumental in giving better care and timely intervention

Dr. R. Shanthimalar, Director of Medical Education, Chengalpattu Medical College, Tamil Nadu

While the medical community is strained with the increasing numbers, the data provided by Dozee on a real time basis is aiding in remote health monitoring and reducing our burden

Dr. Raghvendra Rao, Director, CCRYN, Ministry of Ayush

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