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Explore our contactless health monitoring technology and services that help you become a better version of yourself everyday.

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Your partner in everything health

Get daily views of your heart health, respiration, sleep and much more. And with unbelievable accuracy, Dozee reports are used by hospitals and doctors alike for patient assessment.

Meditation, that’s personalized for you

Dozee Mindfulness is the world’s first AI-powered meditation technology. Each session is personalized based on your activity, providing simple to follow audio instructions followed by a detailed analysis of every session.

Take care of your loved one’s remotely

Dozee Caretaker lets you monitor your loved ones’ health, even when you are miles away. Be it timely alerts of health deterioration or regular health improvement, you can be sure that your loved ones are never out of sight.

All this without anything to wear, or charge.

Just place under the mattress and sleep, Dozee does the rest. Dozee works for most commercially available mattresses and yes, it works perfectly even if there are two occupants.

Be informed of a potential sickness even before you see the symptoms

Dozee’s AI engine, Advance Health Intelligence (AHI), builds customized healthy range and risk models to flag any health anomaly in advance.

  • "My father lives in Jamshedpur, our hometown. Being away from him, I am always worried about his well-being. When I got to know about Dozee, I gifted him one. Actually, to be fair, it was more for my own peace of mind! I can now regularly monitor his health, even when I am not around.”
    — Sushmita, Bengaluru
  • “I came to know about the deterioration in my health condition from Dozee and constantly monitored myself for the next couple of days and consulted a doctor. The physician diagnosed it as a regular asthma trigger and advised rest and medication.”
    — Ankita, Bengaluru
  • “It’s amazing to have a simple device that can monitor critical health parameters such as heart and respiration rate every day from the comforts of home.”
    — Venkat, Hyderabad
  • "Recently, extensive travelling took a toll on my health. Dozee immediately alerted me about my condition and indicated that I am out of the healthy range. I am recovering from my travel-induced fatigue and make it a point to monitor my health with Dozee every day."
    — Tomy, Dubai
  • "Dozee has detected even slight health fluctuations due to travel. Based on this, I’ve been careful for my stress to not accumulate by taking timely action."
    — Govind, Indore


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