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Easily Monitor the Health of Your Entire Ward

Meet Dozee, The Contactless Patient Health Monitor

Health monitoring has never been easier.

Placed under the mattress, Dozee monitors micro-vibrations produced by the body during sleep. Our proprietary algorithms convert muscular, respiratory and cardiac movements into useful biomarkers to monitor heart, respiration, stress levels, restlessness and sleep.

Biomarkers Dozee Monitors


Heart Rate
Irregular Heart Beats


Respiration Rate
Apnea-Hypopnea Events
Snoring Instances


Heart Rate Variability


Sleep Stages

Comprehensive Patient Health Reports

Never miss a health deterioration symptom with our custom alerts

Easily keep a watch on heart rate, respiration rate, empty bed and a possibility of pressure ulcer in a non-ambulatory patient

Tangible Benefits of Continuous Monitoring

*200,000 lives
per year

per bed per year

According to a study published in the journal Critical Care Medicine, it was estimated that hospitals could save $20,000 per bed per year with the help of continuous monitoring. If an unmonitored patient develops a complication, a rescue can be resource-intensive. But if the patient is continuously monitored, a complication can be avoided before it can occur. This saves money, hospital resources and heartbreak. More importantly, more than 200,000 lives per year can be saved. While these are US figures, it’s easy to imagine a large number of lives saved and the crores of rupees worth of savings in the Indian Healthcare system.


Award Winning Technology

Dozee has won accolades and grants from international institutions and industry leaders.

For a smarter hospital, better patient care and a lot of customer love, contact us.