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India’s 1st contactless health companion

Track your health, not just steps!

Real health is much more than just walking steps. With Dozee’s contactless and non-intrusive health monitor, stay on top of your real health by regularly tracking your Heart & Respiratory health, sleep quality and stress recovery.

“Doze off in peace with Dozee”



Dozee’s AI engine creates personalized health baselines for every individual and sends you alerts whenever attention is required.

Convenient, Accurate and much more

Improve health every day with Dozee

My Device

Contactless Sensor Sheet

Simply place the ultra-thin sensor sheet underneath your mattress before you sleep.

Monitoring Device

Plug-in the compact, radiation-free monitoring device and keep it on your bedside table.

Smartphone Application

Link your device with your app and start tracking your stress recovery & sleep.

My Dozee App

Stress Recovery

Guided Relaxation Techniques

Sleep, Heart and Respiration Tracking

Dozee Rewards

Just Sleep & Relax with Dozee to get free Rewards!

Take our word for it or theirs

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Make Your Choice

Start proactive health monitoring and take control of your health today



We are shipping Dozee during lockdown

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