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Dozee S+

Contactless sleep analysis, HRV & vitals analysis for insomnia & sleep apnea

Dozee is India’s 1st remote and contactless Sleep, Heart, Respiration, and HRV monitor with proven medical-grade accuracy to provide Health Care Providers with actionable data to improve outcomes.

What Parameters Dozee Monitors?

Key Value Proposition

Improve patient engagement and adherence

How  Dozee works

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Why is Dozee Relevant 

Convenient and accurate Sleep, vitals & HRV monitoring, Apnea-Hypopnea Index and MPI screening for multiple patients remotely with no setup.

Accurate Sleep Quantification for Improved Patient Outcomes

Accurate &
convenient Sleep
quality analysis

Feedback loop & Improved patient outcome for Sleep programs & therapies

Contactless &
convenient Sleep Apnea screening

Keeping track
of comorbid

Backed by Strong Research

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Dozee H+

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