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Improve health & wellness outcomes backed by seamless health monitoring, Powered by Dozee

India’s first contact-free health monitor 

Converts any bed into a step-down ICU with 24×7 heart and respiration monitoring with remote access and custom distress alerts to ensure pro-active care to every corona patient.

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ICU resources & healthcare staff are two most precious resources and they are under serious risk

Ellipse 7
News/India April 6

India hospital shuts after surge in coronavirus cases among staff
3 Doctors and 26 Nurses test positive

Better Care for the Patients,
Reduced Risk for the Health-staff.

Dozee provides a cost-effective solution to pro-actively monitor health of asymptomatic and mildy symptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Our remote monitoring feature enables health-staff to monitor from safe distance reducing the risk of exposure to the virus.

Easy 3 step process

  1. Place Device under the mattress
  2. Connect to internet
  3. Visualise data, set alerts remotely on multiple platforms
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How Dozee helps

Convenient and accurate vitals monitoring with custom alerts and MEWS scoring.

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Improved care, reduced burden on caregivers Ward

Earlier detection
of deteriorating
and distressed

Fewer staff
required at

Aids intelligent
deployment of
available clinical

exposure of care
workers to
infected patients

Backed by Strong Research

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We would love to hear from you. Let’s defeat COVID-19 together.