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World's Smartest Health Monitor

Sleep Smart . Live Better

Ambience Sensors
WiFi BLE Integrated Chipset
Built-in Memory 8 GB
LED Array
Proprietary Vibration Mesh Sensor

Meticulously Designed for Incredible Experience

Health tracking was never easier.


Daily Monitoring

Get detailed insights into sleep patterns, heart, respiration and recovery every night.

Trend Analysis

Dozee learns from your data as you use. It creates healthy baselines for you and alerts you whenever it finds a drift from them.

Expert Advice

Get monthly reports curated by the experts. Connect to experts via chat or call.

Non-Contact Yet Precise Health Monitor

Raw Dozee Data

Heart Signal

Respiration Signal

Compared to medical-grade devices to monitor heart and respiration.
*Data validated against 100+ full night studies conducted at Human Sleep Research Laboratory, NIMHANS, Bengaluru.

Advanced Health Intelligence

Our proprietary learning algorithms are designed to catch early indications of health deterioration. It works on regularly checking and catching anomalies in vitals, sleep and stress levels.

Learn how Dozee AHI helped users to consult doctors at the right time enabling early detection of tuberculosis, cardiac arrest and sleep apnea proving life saving for them.

Touch Sense LED Light

Gently place your palm on your Dozee device to switch on the Dozee smart light. It’s a dim light to help you find your way in the dark. Dozee uses warm colours for the Smart Light to make sure that neither your’s nor your loved one’s sleep is disturbed.

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