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Dozee is put on a gray colour table, next to a bed. Dozee is currently recording data.

With Dozee, we bring health management to your home

A contact-free health monitor that goes below your mattress and delivers all the health insights you need.

Health monitoring is now as easy as sleeping

Place Dozee below the mattress and link it to the Dozee app. And you’re set! Wake up to a detailed snapshot of your health, every day.

Dozee goes under the mattress and tracks your vitals with the highest accuracy.

One device, many insights

Dozee gives you a view of heart health, respiration, sleep and much more.
And with unbelievable accuracy. We’re proven for 98.4% medical grade accuracy.

With Dozee, take care of not just yourself, but your loved ones too.

Dozee’s Caretaker feature allows you to access your loved ones’ data even when you are miles away. Be it timely alerts of health deterioration or regular health improvement, you can be sure that your loved ones are never out of sight.

Dozee uses caretaker feature in which you can track your parents health remotely even when you are thousands of Kilometers away

Be informed of a potential sickness even before you see the symptoms

Dozee’s AI engine, Advance Health Intelligence (AHI), builds customized healthy range and risk models to flag any health anomaly in advance.

See how AHI has saved lives

Dozee's AHI, helps you flag and detect illness even before you see the first symptoms, signs of illness. Dozee has detected heart attack, flagged tuberculosis, pulmonary edema. Dozee also keeps track of your sleep Apnea

Improve your lifestyle with
sleep and stress management

Dozee’s quantification of sleep quality and stress, coupled with personalized recommendations gives you the power to improve your lifestyle, one sleep at a time.

Experience meditation of the future
With measurable impact

Our upcoming Guided Meditation feature will provide the most powerful
meditation experience, customized based on your activity.

Medatation feature backed by science. Science of Meditation. Scientific Meditation

Impacting Healthcare, winning hearts

Dr. Raghvendra Rao, Head of the Department, HCG Oncology
Dr. Raghvendra, HOD, HCG Oncology

Dr. Raghvendra speaks about Remote Health Monitoring and Dozee

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Chairperson of Biocon

In media

BioAsia 2019: Here Are The Top 5 Life Sciences And Healthcare Startups
Dozee got sensor to map your
health and sleep cycle
5 start-ups clinch top honours
The better India featured us saying "Built by IIT Grads, This Contact-Less Innovation Can Detect Heart Disorders as You Sleep!"
Built by IIT Grads, This Contact-Less Innovation Can Detect Heart Disorders as You Sleep!
Watch: How Dozee hopes to win the $5B medical device market with its contactless heart monitor
The health monitor that requires
no skin contact


Latitude 59, Dozee was selected to represent India in Estonia.
Dozee was selected to represent India in Estonia’s largest start-up event ‘Latitude 59’
Qualcomm Design in Inda Challenge 2018
Best healthcare startup in India
Selected for Medical Device Accelarator Program
Best medical device in India
Winner of Bio Ignition Grant
Dozee with sensors and dozee App, Dozee is the world's most accurate contact free health monitor

Get a Dozee today.

Stay on top of yours and your loved ones health.

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