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“Dozee helped me to understand I have sleep apnea. Now it’s giving me hope by quantifying improvement”


Anupam is a Dozee user, a contact less health monitor, easy use health monitor, Anupam stays in India

I was told by my doctor a year-and-a-half back that I may have sleep apnea. However, the thought of going for a sleep study always frightened me, so much that I never went for it. Sleep studies are so costly and scary, they put wires all over your head and body!

So when I heard about Dozee, I bought one for myself immediately. I got to know about my sleep apnea levels by simply placing Dozee under the mattress – this is the magic I was looking for so long!

Now that I know I have sleep apnea, I have enrolled for breathing classes to help me improve. Dozee’s apnea reports keep me motivated every week, as I can see regular improvement without changing anything in my life.

Dozee is convenience for me!

-Anupam, Bengaluru