We bet you didn’t know about these uber cool Dozee features that can instantly improve your sleep experience.

With Dozee, taking care of your health has become as easy as sleeping. On the app, Dozee Sleep Score quantifies the quality of your sleep (read here), and Dozee Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI) algorithms send life-saving alerts to your phone even before the symptoms show (read here). Dozee provides Weekly Health Reports, on-demand Sleep Apnea Reports, and also offers expert advice via our in-app chat services.

But did you know about these 3 features that will take your Dozee experience to the next level?

Smart Alarm

Does your skin crawl every time you hear the alarm clock? Not anymore! In the morning, wake up refreshed at the right moment in your sleep cycle with Dozee Smart Alarm! To set it up on the Dozee App, go to My Account -> Sleep Settings and select Smart Alarm. Select the alarm time. Use the slider to select the margin within which you would like to wake up, and you’re all set!


Sleep Music

The Dozee App also has a Sleep Music library that can help you de-stress and fall asleep faster. Relax with a handpicked selection of albums like Sounds of Water, Sounds of Nature and other symphonies to reach a calmer state of mind. You can check out Sleep Music in the Relaxation tab on Dozee App.


Connect Apple Health

Are you getting stressed moving across different apps to track your health data? Beat the confusion. Dozee can integrate with Apple Health so that all your health and vitals data are available in one place at the tap of a button. Analyze how your sleep impacts your fitness levels and build insights into your overall health. To connect with Apple Health, go to My Account in the Dozee App -> Connect Apple Health and select LINK WITH APPLE HEALTH.

So check out the above features and make the most of your Dozee experience. Maximize the points you earn every time you sleep or meditate, and redeem them at the Dozee Health Shop for great offers on top health and wellness solutions.

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