We currently reside in a world of infinite possibilities, good and not so good. So, do you have a strategy to thrive, regardless of the situation? 

When the lockdown in India was announced the first time, people didn’t know how to deal with it. Small pleasures of life which were taken for granted, eg: food shopping or eating a chaat from the corner chaat guy, became an impossibility. Some lost their cool and many got enveloped in a blanket of worry and stress. 

Then the lockdown got stretched and the whole nation went into a state of a resigned slump. Some call it acceptance but its also essentially fear. Fear for their lives, the wellbeing of their family members, fear of the future, job, money…the list is unending. 

But one of the biggest fear which is still looming in the minds of most people is: what if the lockdown extends for longer?

The Truth Is Scary 

And the truth is that it is possible that the lockdown WILL continue for longer. Recently, Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of the world’s leading medical journal The Lancet, advised India to not hasten the exit strategy and observe a minimum 10-week lockdown. 10 weeks! Yes, that’s a long time, right? But before your mind spirals out of control, here’s the question you need to ask yourself: is it for the greater good? And what can you do about this prevailing situation?

And here are the answers

Yes, it is for the greater good. And there’s nothing you can do about the current situation besides:

  1. Stay at home
  2. Follow the rules 

But there’s also one important practice you can develop to stay steady, peaceful, and in control of your emotions if the lockdown stretches for longer. 

Yoga Nidra Is A Life Skill You Must Learn And Practice 

Yoga Nidra may not be a popular practice yet, but it is getting its due as a form of meditation and also therapy for balancing the mind and body. It is a controlled and systematic method of guided relaxation which can be done for up to 45 minutes ( or even more). Believers, practitioners, and researchers say that it usually results in natural mental benefits, such as diminished stress, better sleep, improved productivity, and that it has the potential to alleviate emotional wounds. Needless to say, as a practice, it can help you to develop a deep sense of joy and well-being, no matter how the external world is holding up. 

Let Go, Its Time 

Unlike other forms of meditation, in which you concentrate on a mantra or your breath, Yoga Nidra requires you simply to let go. Simply put, this practice forces you to engage the muscle into the spirit of surrender. 

Surrender Is What You Need

You can’t change what is and what will be. The lockdown may or may not get prolonged and the future seems hazy right now, at best. But you will be okay as long as you choose to surrender to what is. It’s not a sign of weakness or resignation but a show of hope, belief, and allowing things to be. just how it is. That’s why you must choose Yoga Nidra to help you navigate these times with grace and dignity. Not only will this practice help you feel better internally, but it will also lessen the chaos of the outside world so that you can hear your inner voice. 

So, begin practicing Yoga Nidra by downloading the Dozee app and permit yourself to the best version of yourself, no matter what’s occurring in the outer world. 

Neha Ghosh

About the author: Neha Ghosh is a health and wellness author and blogger, yoga trainer, certified diet and nutrition therapist, and a hobbyist cookbook writer. During these days she maintains her sanity by meditating, eating vegan, avoiding the news, and watching dog videos on loop. You can check out her blog at https://putthatcheeseburgerdown.com