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Monitor Parents’ Health Remotely

Contactless | Intelligent | Proactive

Get a Dozee at just ₹7,499 only

India’s 1st contactless health companion

Monitor your parents’ health, wherever you may be

With Dozee’s contactless and non-intrusive health monitor, stay on top of their health remotely by regularly tracking their heart health, respiratory health, sleep quality and stress recovery.

Dozee’s AI engine creates personalized healthy baselines for every individual and sends you alerts whenever attention is required.

Dozee goes into the depths of every heart valve opening and closing, enabling it to screen for risks of heart failure years in advance.

Get on-demand sleep apnea screening reports from the convenience of their beds for proactive detection and management

Convenient, Accurate and much more

Because they deserve only the best

My Device

Contactless Sensor Sheet

Simply place the ultra-thin sensor sheet underneath your mattress before you sleep.

Monitoring Device

Plug-in the compact, radiation-free monitoring device and keep it on your bedside table.

Smartphone Application

Link your device with your app and start tracking your stress recovery & sleep.

My Dozee App

Stress Recovery

Heart Tracking

Respiration Tracking


Dozee Rewards

Just Sleep & Relax with Dozee to get free Rewards!

Take our word for it or theirs

Media Mention


Get Dozee be Assured  

Provide the best care to your loved ones from the comfort of their beds

Get a Dozee at just ₹7,499



We are shipping Dozee during lockdown

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