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They gave you the best in life,
Give them the best in healthcare

Now monitor your parent’s health with Dozee

Dozee’s award-winning technology ensures you stay on top of your loved one’s health from anywhere

At just ₹ 9999 7199

EMI starting ₹346/mo

with 10 days no questions asked return policy

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Why choose Dozee for someone you care?

Get Early Alerts

Even before symptoms show

De-stress with Meditation Library

World’s first AI-powered meditation

Regular Health Reports

Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports

Earn Health with Dozee

Earn points everytime you sleep & meditate, redeem points for products to get healthier

Remote Health Monitoring

Don’t let distances be the barrier

Consult with the Experts

Chat with our panel of experts for any health-related queries

Hassle-free, Contact-free and Easy to Use

All you have to do is just place the thin sensor sheet once below your loved one’s mattress. Every night they go to sleep, Dozee automatically tracks their health.

Track your loved one’s health daily, remotely


Heart, Respiration, Stress, Sleep, Other clinical reports with medical grade accuracy.

We don’t just monitor, We care

Not only can we identify and alert you about risks of potential heart failure, sleep apnea and more, but we also provide custom tips, products and services that cater to specific health needs!

98.4% Accuracy

Medical Grade Accuracy, Trusted by the experts

Our state-of-the-art technology can track every heartbeat to give you hospital-like monitoring from home. Dozee is built in collaboration with the most esteemed healthcare institutes – Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiac Research and National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences.

Now available at a discounted price

9999 7199

EMI starting ₹346/mo

with 10 days no questions asked return policy

Other buying options


  • "My father lives in Jamshedpur, our hometown. Being away from him, I am always worried about his well-being. When I got to know about Dozee, I gifted him one. Actually, to be fair, it was more for my own peace of mind! I can now regularly monitor his health, even when I am not around.”
    — Sushmita, Bengaluru
  • “I came to know about the deterioration in my health condition from Dozee and constantly monitored myself for the next couple of days and consulted a doctor. The physician diagnosed it as a regular asthma trigger and advised rest and medication.”
    — Ankita, Bengaluru
  • “It’s amazing to have a simple device that can monitor critical health parameters such as heart and respiration rate every day from the comforts of home.”
    — Venkat, Hyderabad
  • "Recently, extensive travelling took a toll on my health. Dozee immediately alerted me about my condition and indicated that I am out of the healthy range. I am recovering from my travel-induced fatigue and make it a point to monitor my health with Dozee every day."
    — Tomy, Dubai
  • "Dozee has detected even slight health fluctuations due to travel. Based on this, I’ve been careful for my stress to not accumulate by taking timely action."
    — Govind, Indore

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